Remix epic avatars online with over 300 new styles, featuring more gear, hats, hairstyles, accessories, emotions, clothes, and new color swapping. 

Download & save your avatars right away in the browser! +Get all art sets with the Portable Standalone version for Windows PC.  

This is an Unity-powered expansion of the Avataaars art set by Pablo Stanley. (Free for commercial and personal use).

Share your style with @iStyleAvatars on Twitter, @BellBlitzKing


iStyleAvatars_Game& 25 MB


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good game :>

love this game but i agree with lexi.

Really cute but color is super limited and there doesn't seem to be a way to give them a natural hair color

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Thanks Lexi for replying! Black, Grey and Brown are natural hair colors included. There's a subtle a Red as well. Besides the dark purple, dark green, dark blue etc. included, what other colors would you like to see?

A color wheel would be a great ideal for a 3.0, now that the art expansion of assets for 2.0 was released and played well.

Blondes, different shades of brown and orange would be priority, I think.  The red and brown are so similar that it doesn't really matter which is selected.  It would also be super helpful if the color icons actually matched the color it gives you, instead of clicking the white icon and getting brown.

Hope that helps!

White icon turns off the color altogether back to default. Works the same way for accessories etc. Will make it more clear in next UI update.

A color wheel will be added for more distinctive colors.  Blonde is much less common statistically (by birth, not dye). Had to choose the most common colors for most nations, far as by-birth colors. Then at least a few dye'd colors for flare. I could only add a few overall within current UI-space.

You'll get a notice when the next update is out, with more UI space for multiple things. Thanks for playing, Lexi!

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BellBlitzKing Could You Please Do More Hairstyles And Ties Etc Perhaps?

Thanks for playing! Feel free to recommend specific styles you'd enjoy. Ties are easier compared to the infinite amount of hairstyles in the world.